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Growing up dinner time amusement consisted of reading the closest thing to the kitchen table. Mom’s cookbooks were plentiful. The pages with color photos a bonus.

I made my first cake at age 9. With my mom’s help, of course. It exploded.

Fast forward 30 years. My Pinterest food boards have multiplied like gremlins. I have a carton of my own cookbooks to leaf through at dinner.

My decorating skills match those seen on Pinterest Fail boards. But, I haven’t exploded a cake since I was 9.

Accidentally clever. Oddly ingenious. Always hungry. Me in a nutshell.

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus while my husband and I focus on our adoption journey.    Grab a snack and follow along!

Adorably geeky. Totally fun. Hoping to become first-time parents through adoption. #DougAndMiaAdopt