Snacks in the City – Take Comfort in Ice Cream

There’s not a whole lot of happy happening in the city today in the post-election aftermath. Even the spattering of tourists wandering Midtown on this damp gray day seemed down.  It’s the kind of day to wrap ourselves in the tasty embrace of comfort food. Screw the lactose intolerance, I need ice cream.

In a city like New York, with it’s plethora of creamy dessert possibilities, how do you choose the right one for you?

When I choose to ignore the intolerance, these are the places I go.  No regrets.

1. Ample Hills Creamery
Gotham Market West
Bubby’s High Line

This is the one place I have never had to cross my fingers and hope that the lactaid pills work.  They always have at least 2 non dairy offerings on their menu.  The sorbets are seasonal so I never know what I will find.  I have had the Autumn in New York a few times.  It seems to be my favorite because it tastes like apple pie and hard cider had a baby. A disturbing visual I admit, but so much yum.

2. Big Gay Ice Cream Shoppe
East Village

I have been here a couple of times.  I have had both the Bea Arthur and the Rocky RoadHouse.  It’s not your typical soft serve experience. First you really will need to spoon most of it.  The Toppings are plentiful.  It’s creamy, sweet, and savory.  Plus I have always had a soft spot for unicorns and mini marshmallows.

3. Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer
Meatpacking District

Heads up, there is usually a line to get in. I recommend a rainy day, the line is usually shorter. I watched the shakes come out while I waited for my order and they all look good.  I finally chose the Sweet and Salty. I can’t resist chocolate, pretzels, and peanutbutter. I suggest if you are going for the treat filled shakes, because you have a sweet tooth, you may want to eat lightly.

4. Cool Haus
Food Truck
I first heard about this ice cream sandwich truck from an article I read in the Food & Drink section of DNAinfo.   You can’t go wrong with picking your cookies, your flavor, and getting it served in an edible wrap.

5. Ice & Vice
Lower East Side

6. Melt Bakery
Lower East Side

I have stumbled upon melt in multiple places, usually a cart at the HighLine. The last time I stumbled upon them it was at one of the Urban Eats locations. They had a Makers Mark flavor. I had to. Booze. I work in Tech, it’s a must.


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