HoHoHo, HeeHeeHee! It’s a Cake Emergency!

I have an October tradition.  Each year I try to cram as many Halloween related festivities into the month as I can.  This year, I just have not had the time to spread it out, so they are all taking place this weekend.  Party time! Excellent! 

I was supposed to find time to get some last minute shopping after work yesterday.My plan was to meet up with my sister for dinner,  attend a virtual haunted event, finish my costume, and make one of  party snacks I needed for tonight.

The shopping part just didn’t work out.  I ended up coming home after wandering the Penn Station KMART muttering  obscenities, because they didn’t have  mini marshmallows.  Neither did Duane Reade.  This is what I get for procrastinating.

HoHoHo!  Then I remembered I had a Duncan Hines Perfect Size cake mix at home.  It was a strawberry cake, but it came with white frosting mix.  I was pretty sure I still had some black gel left in the pantry, too. That’s all I need to make a Jack Skellington face. I could make this work!

I baked the cake last night, and frosted it this morning.


I took a spoon and carved an outline for his face in the frosting.


I colored the areas in with my gel.

HeeHeeHee! Instant cake!





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