Matzoh Matter With You?

Everyone enjoys the glorious wonder that is autumn in New York.  Well, until  the inconsistent temps turn your office into a giant square petri dish. Which happens to be the current situation up here on the eight floor of my midtown office.

Cooties were in the air surrounding me.  Despite copious amounts of vitamin c, I could feel myself starting to succumb to the sick.  I was cranky, coughy, and in dire need of soup.  I wanted the matzoh ball soup from Zorn’s.

I had one tiny problem.  Actually 2:
1. The husband was was working an up and down. (a 24 shift)
2. I don’t drive. (Yes, I am aware that I am old as dirt and should have gotten the licence decades ago)

Canned  soup was not going to cut it. I needed to to find a solution asap.  I had 36 minutes of commute time to Pinterest my way through quick and easy recipes.  I ran up to market to grab the few ingredients my pantry lacked that the  Easy Matzo Ball Soup Recipe Anyone Can Make required.

Then I had to overcome another set of problems:
1. Raw eggs are slimy and gross me out.
2. Cross-contamination anxiety. The amount of soap and paper towels I go through in one recipe borders on obscene.
3. I have to touch raw egg coated batter. (see numbers 1 & 2)

I tried to get around my egg issues with a constant stream of hot soapy water, a plethora of paper towels, and a cookie scoop.  The scoop helped to keep the balls even but I still had to hand roll to get the proper shape.  Ick. But I did it!

The rest of the soup making proceeded without incident.  Yay!  The outcome was a little dense, but quite tasty.


Things I learned:
1. Skip the scoop. They make the balls dense and doughy in the middle.
2. Sinkers, it seems, are a good thing.
3. Buy disposable gloves.
4. There’s more than one way to spell Matzoh.

This was a response to today’s Daily Prompt: Tiny

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