Welcome Great D’ohnut Pumpkin!

It’s the middle of October, and Halloween is in the air! Unfortunately, the only thing Halloween in my apartment is my costume that’s hanging in my closet. The hubby (not an any holiday decor lover) is 100% okay with this.  I, however, am not.  I wanted at least a pumpkin, dammit.

I was looking for a decor loophole, when Instagram’s video tutorials gave me the unexpected answer.  A donut pumpkin! I just took it one step farther and added a little sprinkle of geek to it.  I wanted mine to look like the donut from  The Simpsons.

The video showed a  generic plastic pumpkin and didn’t specify the type of paint. I went to my craft store and purchased a squat paper mache pumpkin and  a variety pack of poster paint.


Clearly, I chose unwisely. I should have called my sister, the art teacher and crafter extraordinaire, first.  D’oh.


Lesson 1:

  1. You need a base coat of white first. (that should have been obvious, my bad)
  2. Acrylic paint offers more coverage and dries quicker.
  3. My sister accepts leftover poster paints as donations.

After purchasing the appropriate paint, I tried again.  I just took it one step farther and added a little sprinkle of geek to it.  The Simpsons beofre purchasing my supplies donut pumpkin is my not so Halloweeny-Halloween coffee table decoration.  It took two tries to get it right


Lesson 2:

  1. White paint erases all mistakes.
  2. Acrylic paint dries really fast.
  3. I can actually craft.
  4. My sister accepts leftover acrylic paint donations, as well, lol.

I’m going to get a nice decorative plate to sit in on, and display it on my coffee table.

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