Circus Freak

As I lay heaped
like a discarded pile
of laundry
on my pumpkin  orange rug,
I watch
the pretty fireworks
behind my eyes,
and I think
I wasn’t meant to walk the tight-rope.
I had been watching Circus of the Stars
when I realized my dream
to walk above
the heads of people
on a small black string
wearing a pretty sequined leotard.
I figured if that lady
on the tv could do it,
with nothing
but net
to break her fall,
surely I, too
could do it
here, in my room
using the wooden footboard of my bed.
I mean, hey
I’m the only on in the first grade
who can write in script;
I’m invincible.
So I place
one frilly laced
ankle socked foot
in front of me
my arms
thrust out teetering
like the wings on a propeller plane,
so far so good till
my next step
I slip.
I’m gonna die
I’m gonna die
I don’t wanna die I never
got to finish building my Lego castle,
and with that thought
I land hard
on the footboard
only not on my feet
instead I’m straddling it
like a pony,
before slipping
to the floor
where I lay in this heap
shattered by the pain
that’s coming from
down there.

(This was a clumsy post)


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