The Big Cheese

I call him the Mayor
but ┬ámy dad says he’s a constable
’cause he ‘s got a bobby on his head
but the only thing I see is a hat
so I’m a little confused
and it’s kinda’ warm and fuzzy
in my play time place
what with the ceiling resting on my head and all
keeping it to the side
my legs tucked away
replaced by pins and needles
maybe I shouldn’t’ve worn
my hot pink coat length comforter
courtesy of Alexander’s Department Store
that my mom bought me for winter
I guess I should’ve listened to my dad
when he said I’m too big to play
in this room at McDonald’s
instead of climbing
up these legs of Mayor McCheese
to sit in his head
where I’m now wedged
like spinach between his teeth
only pink and crying
hoping that my dad can get me out
promising to never touch
another cheese burger again
trying not to think
about how much I have to go to the bathroom
wishing I was sitting on one of the fry-guys instead.

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