video Let’s Dish! (Weekly Digest 1)

My week in eats. Where I got them. How I made them. So lets dish.

I started the week at Medieval Times, sitting in the dark,  trying to eat with my hands and not end up with tomato soup and half a roast chicken in my lap. I was too preoccupied cheering for the Green Knight I never grabbed photo evidence of my meal.  I did however grab this nifty little tidbit of Medieval eye candy.

Inspired by a recent foray into the world of chia pudding, I opted to invest in some ingredients and attempt to make my own. As usual, I didn’t have most ingredients required for the recipes I looked at. I opted to wing it a bit. I used Silk Coconut Milk, chia seeds, frozen mango and pineapple pieces, then topped with some sliced almonds. Not bad for a newbie.


I haven’t been feeling well so I found myself at yet another doctor getting prescribed yet another antibiotic.  But, every cloud has a silver lining.  Mine was the discovery I had accidentally lost a few pounds.  I opted to indulge my way to making up the difference. I started with the Mocha Almond Crunch Doughnut from Dough.


I balanced out the giant donut by ending the day with this quick 2 ingredient Mango Sherbert I quickly threw together in 10 minutes. Not only was it quick, but it was healthy and dairy free!  Win-Win!  Frozen mango chunks, Silk Coconut Milk, and a blender. Boom. Done.


I continued my feeding frenzy with a night out on the town.  I got my ramen on at Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe.  Jerk Ramen. There are no words.  You just need to eat it. Trust me.


I could not be so close to  Big Gay Ice Cream  and not go in.  Screw the dairy intolerance.  I needed to get my Rocky Roadhouse on.  It was worth every fan-freaking-tastic coco dusted, marshmallow covered, bite of it.


I will end my tale of treats with this lunch-flavor inspired treat that I devoured earlier at breakfast.  The PB&J doughnut from Dun-Well Doughnuts.

Breakfast Dun-Well @DunWellDoughnut @twitterfood #doughnuts #donuts #foodflock #feedthemia #hyperlapse #videos

A video posted by Feed the Mia (@feedthemia) on Sep 2, 2016 at 3:22pm PDT


Want to sample the goods I got?
Here’s the info on where to go:

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