video Just Keep Churning. Just Keep Churning.

This week I found myself staring listlessy at my twitter feed, looking for some new and happening foodie spot I could try out for Girl’s Night.  Instead I was distracted by this tweet looking for recipe testers from Food52 :

Since it’s been too hot to cook in my windowless kitchen lately, I jumped all over the chance to try a no bake!  I signed up to test out the Ginger Beer Sherbert.  Odd sounding choice, I know, but here’s why:

  1. I really like ginger.
  2. I like dark and stormies.
  3. Dairy is my frenemy.
  4. Coconut milk is my new bestie.
  5. Hubby’s lack of dessert eating desire means I will need to be the guinea pig. The dairy free recipes were not abundant in this contest.

This recipe required me borrowing back the icecream maker I gave my sister.  It also meant I  carrying it from Brooklyn, via two subways, 2 LIRR trains, and a 10 minute walk across town in a heatwave.  I also needed to walk back across town today, to our local beer distro when I discovered my supermarket didn’t carry gigner beer.  Insane dedication to a stranger’s contest entry, I know, but  it will end up with a DAIRY FREE frozen treat during a heatwave!

Looking and smelling good so far! I can’t hardly wait!



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