And Like That – Poof (Detox Final Day)

I survived six days of work and it’s finally here. Sunday. My day of rest. Birds chirping. Sun shining. Me twirling around the apartment circa Julie Andrews in The Sound Of Music.

It’s also the last day of my seven day detox strecth.  To celebrate, I let the Hubby sleep in. I scrapped my To Do lists. I can put my errands off one more day.

  • I had time to sit and enjoy breakfast. Peanut butter date smiley face bread and a clementine.
  • Still hadn’t left the apartment by lunchtime. I polished off the little bit leftover from last night’s dinner.
  • When dinner time hit, we had finally ventured out into society. Had Date Night with the Hubby. Deprite practically licking the menu over the description of the Pulled Pork Pasta special, I chose the cleast processed sounding option.  Flat Iron Steak Salad with a sherry vinagtrette.  I ordered it without the mozarella. I ignored the bread basket, a first, I assure you.
  • I celebrated with one glass of wine.  Cheers to me!

What did I learn this week?  I’m too lazy to cook every night. I’m also ridiculously simple, my favorite things I had the whole detox were peanut butter covered or fruit related.

What Do I plan to do moving forward?  I have set a goal to continue eating as clean as possible. This doesn’t mean I will never eat regular pasta, white rice, donuts, or milk chocolate again. It just means I am making the effort to only have them as a once in a while thing, instead of everday.


Happy Eating!


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