No Time To Say “Hello, Goodbye” (Detox Day 6)

I don’t usually work Saturdays.  Today was an exception with a later start.  I thought I had five more minutes to sleep.  Cinco more minutes to shower. Fünf more minutes to make lunch. Twenty minutes later, I’m hyperventilating on the LIRR. But I’m on it. Wheeze.

Detox Day 6

  • No time for breakfast. Had to catch train.
  • Too late for breakfast. Too early for lunch. I grabbed a tall iced coffee on my way to office.
  • There are donughts in the office today. Taunting me with their sugary fried smell. I inhaled 2 clementines at my desk.
  • I managed to grab a random tupperware out of my fridge mid-dash this morning. Turned out to be the brown rice bowl from the other night. Leftovers for the win!
  • I finally ate the darned apple I carried around all week.
  • I didn’t get home until late. Too tired to think, but hungry enough to wing a random meal. I grabbed the last of the kale, pepper slices, chickpeas and chopped up a sweet potato. I tossed them in a pan with some EVOO and juice from a clementine. Served over brown rice.

What did I learn today? I can’t have five more minutes. Leftovers are wonderful thing.  It is possible for me to be in the same room with donuts and NOT eat one.

What did I prep for tomorrow?  I’m planning on sleeping through breakfast.  Going out to Dinner with the Hubby. Probably just slap together a PB Sandwich to eat on my way out the door.

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