When Good Berries Go Bad (Detox Day 4)

Don’t be me.  Don’t eat right before you go to bed. I did that last night.  I wasn’t hungry. I had to eat the last few strawberries.  They were a day away from growing penicillin.  I couldn’t fall asleep and I woke up starving. Sigh.

I chose a bad day to downsize the caffeine level. Some caffeine is better than no caffeine at all, right?

Detox Day 4

  • I greedily inhaled my little Kale and Pepper Omelet Muffins. They were deliciously unfilling. I tried to make up for it by inhaling a bottle of equally unfulfilling H2O.
  • My midmorning banana has officially reached the freckled phase.  This makes me want to cry.  This is the saddest snack ever. It doesn’t taste like a banana.
  • I reached for my sandwich at 1 pm since everyone one else was lunching.  I realized I wasn’t hungry so I put down.  I’m growing as a person, props to me.
  • 2 pm! I lasted a whole 4 hours without stuffing my face!  Nothing is more satisfying than a simple peanut butter sandwich on seedy whole grain bread.
  • Lunch bliss came to an abrupt end courtesy of my baby carrots. The little jerks tried choke the life out of me.
  • Skipped the afternoon snack again. Sweet!
  • Thought I’d try  out a rice bowl for a change of dinner pace. Brown Rice Asparagus Chick Pea bowl with a shot of leftover Sweet Potato.

What did I learn today? If there’s a will, there’s a way for me to screw up a simple two ingredient recipe. Chickpeas are ridiculously filling. Replace carrots with clementines.

What did I prep for tomorrow? Nothing new. Waste not want not; Recycle, re-use, repeat.


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