My Get Up and Go Has Got Up and Went (Detox Day 5)

I woke up with a Benadryl hangover. My required dose of coffee had sweetener in it. Too nasty to drink. Too tired to live. It’s only 10:35 am.

Detox Day 5

  • I don’t remember eating my repeat breakfast eggs from day 4, but they are gone so I must have.  I need coffee.
  • I forced myself to eat my mid-morning banana.  It tasted as freckled as it looked. Coffee would mask the flavor enough to deal. Oh wait, I still don’t have any.
  • At 11:37 am I finally crawled to Starbucks. Coffee, glorious COFFEE!
  • Repeated my lunchtime bliss from yesterday with another simple peanut butter sandwich and a clementine. No near death experience today.
  • 3:36pm found me full.  That poor apple I have been carrying all week still uneaten.
  • Got creative at dinner. Baked “zucchini flowers” filled with a quickie 3 ingredient hummus.
  • Forced to used up the last of the stinky bananas. The smell made we want ro pack up and move. Sliced it, cinnamon sprinkled, few drops of agave. 40 seconds later and topped with last handful of walnuts, the microwave fixed my banana drama.

What did I learn today? I like my water practically ice. Dave’s Killer Bread is fantastically filling.  

What did I prep for tomorrow? Not a thing. I used up all of my energy making dinner.

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