Uh-Oh, Guess What Day It Is (Detox Day 3)

I discovered 2 White Castle cheeseburgers stinking up my fridge this morning. One of those smells I can actually taste. Tried not to puke. Today is not off to a good start.

Detox Day 3

  • Ate my un-toasted mini breakfast sandwich. Peanut butter  topped with chopped dates on that fabulous seedy bread. 16.9 oz of H2O shots quickly followed.
  • Fast forward to mid-morning snack time. Excitement level- Minions. BANANA TIME!
  • My forgotten iced coffee peed condensation all over desk out of spite. It does not like being ignored. Caffeinate! Caffeinate!
  • Gathered lunchtime parts for assembly. Dumped quinoa leftovers from last night on top of random salad parts.(freeze dried apple bits, sweet peppers, tomatoes, walnuts, sprinkle of dried basil, squeeze of lemon) gave the tupperware a good martini shake.
  • My hands smell like lemons. I am displeased.
  • Someone gave me a blackberry. I want another one.
  • Too full to eat my 2 clementines I packed to accompany lunch. My inner child insists that there is a snack packed with lunch.
  • I  finally ate 1 of the clementines as my late afternoon snack. Going home with 2 fruits left over. My inner cheapskate approves of the fruit conservation.
  • I threw together a shredded chicken and kale stuffed sweet potato using the leftover vegetable filling from tomorrow’s breakfast prep.

What did I learn today?  Belly Bombers smell even worse the day after. I like fresh blackberries. If it takes me eight hours to finish one coffee, I should probable order a smaller cup.

What did I prep for tomorrow? Breakfast – Baked Kale and Pepper Muffin Tin Eggs. Lunch – No Frills Peanut Butter Sandwich.


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