Them Soggy Bottom Boys (Detox Day 2)

Coffee is my jam. Water? Not so much. But I’m trying. I might have tried a bit too hard. I felt like the Titanic drowning in a sea of Poland Spring.

Detox Day 2

  • Grabbed my grande unsweetened iced coffee. I’m learning to live without the caramel and chocolate syrups. The bagels behind the counter failed to woo me. I have eyes only for the mini breakfast sandwich in my pack.
  • Forced 16 oz of  water down my throat. Maybe it make me feel full.
  • Water failed to stave off munchies. I caved and ate my mid-morning snack .  I consumed that banana at an alarming speed.
  • Office freezing.  Went for a walk to thaw before eating lunch.
  • Stuffed Zucchini Boat success! The kale-pepper-egg  concoction threw together made me consider licking the Tupperware clean.  Kudos to the chef.  Oh wait..that’s me.  Patted self on back.
  • Followed the boats up with baby carrots and chugged another bottle of water. Just got a meeting alert. Sigh. I will regret the water halfway through it.
  • Left work without eating my late afternoon snack. I wasn’t hungry . FINALLY. Shocking, I know.
  • Dinner was a Quinoa-Broccoli-Tomato Bowl. Garlic and EVOO sauteed broccoli its like the trifecta of taste. Italian crack.

What did I learn today? When cutting into a breakfast quinoa bake is similar to cutting a soggy kitchen sponge  you did something wrong. I don’t mess with uncooked egg.
I also learned I have a ridiculously tiny bladder.

What did I prep for tomorrow? Breakfast -An ill-fated Banana Bread Quinoa Breakfast Bake.   Then Peanut Butter Date Mini-Sandwich.  Lunch- Kitchen Sink Salad.  I chopped a sample of every vegetable in the fridge. Topped with a scoop of leftover quinoa, a few crushed walnuts, dried apple pieces.

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