Survived to Prep Another Meal (Detox Day 1)

Who lasted the first 24 hours without gnawing off a limb? This girl! Someone get me a gold star!

Detox Day 1:

  • Remembered to grab my bag of prepped food before I left for work. High Fived myself.
  • Stopped at Starbuck because coffee.  Internet tells me 2 cups of coffee without milk and sugar is allowed. Grande it is!  Tried not to lick the glass display case while I waited.  I really wanted a bagel.
  • Ate my pre-made breakfast. Peanut Butter Banana  on Dave’s Killer Bread.
  • Had  pre-lunch snack. Discovered pre-sliced bananas got mushy.  I am now sad.
  • Tore into my  lunch like a ravenous animal. Shredded chicken with sweet potatoes pan fried in coconut oil. If only I could marry those potatoes.
  • Practically swallowed my lunchtime snack whole. 2 clementines.
  • Found out the elusive Rainbow Cookie Donut at my local shop would be available for 1 day only. I cried a little on the inside while I ate my late afternoon snack. 1 tiny little apple.
  • Had a bowl of tomato corn soup with a piece of toast for dinner.  Followed that up with 5 of the biggest strawberries I have ever seen and a bottle of water.

What did I learn today? Mushy bananas gross me out. Coconut oil is the freaking bomb.

What did I prep for tomorrow? Breakfast- Peanut butter Apple Toast. Lunch- Kale Stuffed Zucchini Boats with Peppers and Egg.


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