Have You Tried Rebooting? (Detox Days Are Here Again)

I love sugar. I love sweets. Heck, I just love all of the bad foods. They, unfortunately, do not love me back.

I have a few food intolerances. So I pretty much regret most things I eat. Doesn’t stop me, lol, just makes me miserable.

This all processed sugar filled diet of late, has pretty much taken its toll. I’m sick of the digestive issues, exhaustion, and constant kvetching.

I’m resetting back to a previous version. Back to the days when I felt better. I’m selecting the eating as clean as possible me from the menu..

It starts today, sort of.

Prep for Detox Day 1

  • Spent countless hours on Pinterest browsing through blogs, recipes, and food prep charts.
  • Information overload. Brain function ceased. 
  • Decided to fly by the seat of my p ants and head to the market.
  • Stocked up on as many fruits, vegetables, grains applicable.
  • Remembered I cooked up a storm on Friday prior to my detox decision.  I hate wasting food. Best 2 out of 3?
  • I prepped breakfast, lunch, and 3 snacks.
  • Ate my weight in pasta and pretzels. Had one last Hershey Kiss. Called it a wrap.

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