Mmm..Donuts (a Purpose Post)

It’s National Donut Day! The whole purpose of today is to celebrate the donut. Not that I need an excuse to eat yet another donut.

I should be passed out, face down, in a Baker’s Dozen. Instead I’m stuck on a train with nary a donut in sight. I wonder if I could convince the train operator to skip a stop or two so I can make it  home on time before my favorite donut shop closes.

Now we have reached the purpose  of this post, ladies and gentlemen- to introduce you to Long Island’s donut destination Doughology. Hands down, the BEST thing to happen to donuts since, well, since donuts were first made.

When you first walk in you see the automatic donut machine. It is just chugging away, leaving a trail of cake donuts on the conveyor.

Next up is the topping bar. That’s right, a topping bar. Just like your favorite froyo place, but better. You choose between a  golden or chocolate donut base. Pick a dip. Select your toppings.  It’s everything you never knew you needed. Your own customized donut.

If like me, you prefer a tried and true combo that never fails, they have a menu for that. I think I have actually tried most of them.  Here are just a few I have taken home, to parties, and to repay work favors.  Yes you read that last part correctly. If my coworkers do me a favor a Doughology container appears on their desk the next day.

Here is just a small sampling of what you can expect:

  1. Peanutbutter Cup: chocolate donut, chocolate dip, peanutbutter drizzle, topped with crushed peanutbutter cups
  2. Maple Bacon: golden donut, maple-glaze dip, topped with bacon
  3. Oreo Cookie: chocolate donut, chocolate dip, crushed oreo,with  white glaze  and chocolate drizzle
  4. Chocolate Raspberry Nutella: chocolate donut, raspberry filling, Nutella cream, Chocolate drizzle
  5. S’mores: golden donut, chocolate dip, graham cracker crumbs, topped with marshmallows, chocolate drizzle

Drooling yet? I haven’t even discussed the specialty donuts, like Rainbow Cookie or Cannoli!  Hooked yet?

45 Atlantic Ave
Lynbrook, NY

For more information check out their links below:

What’s your favorite donut?

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