Dude, Where’s My Counterspace?

Storage and space – the frenemies of apartment living. I can’t seem to get both of them in the same room together.

Somewhere in the sea of cabinets and appliances was the granite countertop that sold me on the small galley style kitchen. Finding space to chop lettuce is equivalent to hunting for parking at IKEA on a Saturday.

If you suffer the same fate, let me introduce you to my new friend. Meet the over the sink cutting board.

Dexas Popware Over the Sink Collapsible Strainer Cutting Board
I first saw this nifty little dual purpose miracle in a Facebook post from BuzzFeed for people with tiny spaces- 33 Insanely Clever Things  Your Small Apartment Needs.

So naturally I hopped right onto Bed Bath & Beyond’s website and searched for something similar. Best decision ever.

  • This nifty miracle sits right across my sink adding about 22 wonderful inches of workspace.
  • The board is 12″ deep so it leaves access to the sink.
  • The rubber grips prevent sliding during chopping.
  • The collapsable strainer nests into the board.  So you can chop and slide your vegetables in for rinsing.
  • The strainer is above your sink the water drains right out.  No need to clear out your sink to fit a giant colander.
  • The strainer lifts right out so you can empty it out easily.
  • When you are done- the strainer collapses!

How do you maximize your space?


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