I am Gru, I have Minion..Cakes

Despite my major puppy cake fail a few months ago, my sister requested a smash cake for her birthday.  The catch- she is, shall I say, older than two.  o I needed to make a small cake with her favorite theme- Minions!

After my last cake fiasco I knew one thing, I was not carving another cake.  I am still finding crumbs in the most random crevices of my kitchen.  Never again.

I needed to make a cake in a small enough pan, without having to go out and buy a special pan. I also needed something that could be decorated but able to withstand the jostling around of  public transportation. Her dinner was right after work, and I work in the city. This means I would have to take it into work with me.

Fast forward to lunchtime the day before.  I’m having a mild fit trying to balance a box of cake mix, a small loaf pan, some cans of frosting and trying to google bake times for mini loaf cakes. That’s when it hit me- Duncan Hines makes an all inclusive mini cake kit! PERFECT!

Now do I try to frost it to look like a minion?  Do I try my fancy decorating tools again and hope that I can pipe something resembling a minion on top? NOPE. I swear I once saw a Minion made from twinkies somewhere on Pinterest.  Boom! That’s my plan.


Twinkie Minions
Recipe adapted from somewhere on Pinterest.

Serves 2

  • 1 two-pack of Twinkies
  • 1 snack bag of Mini Oreos
  • 1 tube of black piping gel
  • 1 tube of blue frosting
  1. Using the blue frosting, squeeze frosting on the bottom half.  Spread evenly around all sides.
  2. Taking one mini oreo, twist off the top cookie and set aside.
  3. Holding the oreo creme side down, squeeze a small dab of blue frosting on the underside. This will be your glue.
  4. Hodling the oreo creme side up place it anywhere on the non-frosted side of the Twinkie.
  5. Snap the unused portion of the of the oreo in half. Stick them in the bottom of the frosted portion of the Twinkie.  These are your feet.
  6. Using the black gel pipr a circle in the middle of the white creme of the oreo. Then pipe a smile however big under the eye.

Twinkie Minions

I made two minions even though my cake was only big enough for one minion.I needed a “practice” minion. I’ll refer you back to the cake fail from a few months ago if you haven’t seen it already. Now you understand, lol.

I had to get creative with packing the cake. I kept the cake in the disposable pan from the mini cake kit. I placed it on a sheet of foil. I cut 4 halfmoons from a thick paper plate and foiled them to the outside of the pan. This kept the twinkie from getting smudged by the top layer of foil. I then placed that in a giant Ziplock freezer bag. I then placed that bag between 2 paper plates. I put the whole thing in one of those ebnviorment friendly bags you buy from your supermarket. Cake survived 2 trains and a round trip on the subway during rush hour.

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