Never Frost After Midnight.

I am no Betty Crocker. My cakes are never level. I have had some that refuse to bake while others explode. My frosting skills pretty much consist of spooning it from can to mouth. Somehow I still found myself volunteering to bake a smash cake for my niece’s 1st birthday.

Since my decorating skills are primitive at best, I scoured Pinterest until I found the simplest looking design. This little lion was the winner.

Oddly enough, I pulled it off! Everyone loved it. It was a smash.

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Still high from last year’s cake win, I decided to try it again for her 2nd. This time I found a cute little puppy on Pinterest. I just thought it would look cuter if I carved the cake to make it shaped like a puppy head. And that’s were the downward spiral began.

There were crumbs, everywhere. As if someone fed a crumb gremlin after midnight. This was not going well. It was getting late. I panicked.

I decided to disguise the crumby frosting with m&ms. In theory that should have worked. But it was late. I was tired. So my artistic candy coated miracle ended up looking like a kindergarten art project. Kind of fitting for a two year old.

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Cake Inspiration
Recipes adapted from Babycenter and Sweet Art Factory

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