Technological Angst

caffeinated patience

noun caf·fein·at·ed pa·tience \ˈka-fə-ˌnā-tədˈpā-shən(t)s-\
:the ability to remain calm when dealing with a difficult or annoying task fueled by a continuous supply of coffee.

A warm delicious smelling steamy cup of caffeinated patience is a truly wonderful thing. It gets your blood flowing, fingers moving, keeps the brain functioning. When the brain functions work is productive.  You like your job.  All is right with the world. As long it flows.

Once it stops, productivity slows. You find yourself in the weeds.  Lost in the weeds to be exact. I have met my 2 cup max. The 20 oz  of liquid awesome does not last long. Burns rather fast when you work in technology.  An occupational hazard.

From 7:30 to about 10:45 am this morning, I was on point.  Progress made. My newly acquired python skills were awesome.  Automated test writing was a cinch.  I ran the test and watched as that bastard child  I gave birth to failed.  Silently mocking me with big bold red colored output.

I rechecked my code.  Sipped  my coffee. Reran my code.  Each time receiving the finger of failed output in the terminal window.

The cup of patience got colder.  Then lighter.  I tapped the keys a little harder.  Clicked the mouse a bit louder. Blasted code. It wasn’t even mine!

I got stuck in coding limbo.  The code is correct. I edited existing code. Working code.  I didn’t reinvent the freaking wheel. I changed ONE flipping variable. One. Variable.

My cup emptied.  My patience annihilated. Long before lunch arrived.

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