It Takes a Lot More than Just Fancy Flying

Ever assemble a piece of flat-packed furniture?  Did you find yourself surrounded by unlabeled pieces  of particle board, a half opened bag of hardware, and no instructions? Without those  instructions  your bookcase may end up a pile of crushed particle board, 16 camlocks, and a dowel in your eye.

Cooking, to me, is like building furniture.  Without a recipe, I could potentially end up with a case of salmonella and third degree burns on my hands. So when my sick hubby asked me to make soup tonight, I froze in the kitchen like a deer in headlights.

Problem 1– I haven’t gone shopping so there’s not much to work with.

Problems 2– This isn’t a soup I have made before so I can’t wing it and work around missing ingredients

Problem 3– I don’t have a recipe.

Don’t have the recipe?  Just ask, no big deal, right?  I did. I did not receive the recipe card I hoped and dreamed for. I did manage to make a tasty pot of soup despite this fact.

Better than Medicine Itaian Chicken Soup

  • Take a couple cans of broth and a big can of tomato sauce.
  • Grab whatever carrots and decent celery we have left in fridge.
  • Throw in the pre-cooked chicken
  • Toss in some oregano.  Use salt and pepper if you want.

1. Bring to boil.
2. Simmer until pasta is ready.
3. Combine.

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